People and story behind the Race

Head of Event


Gáspár GÖNCZ / HUN

International Rafting Federation (IRF) Assessor

IRF - Head of Guide Training & Education Comittee

IRF - Chief Judge

Rescue 3 Instructor

Event Safety supervisor



Neil Newton Taylor / UK

IRF Instructor

Kayak Instructor

Rescue 3 Instructor Trainer

Event Host and Operations


Bernard Ochaya / AUT

IRF Instructor

Kayak Instructor

Rafting National Team Austria

The Race Story


The Whitewater Rescue Race is a pioneering idea of a competition that combines whitewater rescue techniques.


  • The first Race was anounced in October 2009. An unexpected snowstorm came in, so the race had to be postponed to April 2010, when it appeared full-throttle, becoming a spectacular season opening event for Whitewater Professionals. In 2011 the race opened up for rescue professionals along with the guides.
  • We are planning to introduce a variety and series of such events with different destinations.


The race is a pioneering one of its kind, stands for its mission to spread and emphasize the need for trained Swiftwater Professionals and Safe Whitewater Adventure services across the European whitewater landscape.

It is organized with the intention of returning annually for the scene, becoming THE event that symbolically opens the season of whitewater river services and rescue teams at every spring.

This symbolic season opening is also dedicated to the aim of reminding the service providers of high-standard safety in swiftwater rescue teams and water based adventure services in the European region. We surely believe that the event soon will grow to become world-wide known and will step over its so far European boundaries. 

25-26. April 2020


Cancaled in 2019




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