Whitewater Rescue Challange

Competitors' Information

Location: River Salza - Wildalpen Rapid,

Austria, Steiermark, Wildalpen - Campingplatz Wildalpen
Date: 30. April - 1. May 2018.
- by deadline 1st of April 2018, limited participants number!
- Individual, 3-person-teams
- Registration fees: 20Eur for the individual race, 30Eur/team for the team race to be payed onsite.

Find online Registration Form here



Individual Race:


Competitors have one run through the rapid of Wildalpen (400m), along this run they need to solve basic rescue situations. Exercises contains throwbagging, swimming (in case of suitable weather conditions), ferry gliding, re-flipping raft, getting dummy-swimmer back onto the raft, equipment recovery, tying basic knots and anchors (tape knot/ water knot, figure 8, clove hitch, italian hitch, prusik knot, no-knot around a tree), self rescue, towing.


Team Race:

3 persons` teams have to run through the rapid of Wildalpen (400m), along which they need to solve static and dynamic rescue situations. examples: flip recovery, swimmers and equipment recovery. Techniques to know: stabilizing foot entrapment, tension diagonal, Mechanical advantage systems, 2point raft lower system, tethered swimming techniques.

Race Format:

Both Individual and Team race competitors will be split in two groups. When Group 1 is competing Group 2 is doing safety coverage, afterwards Group 2 is competing and Group 1 covering.

Judges will have the right to stop a competitor's run or exclude/disqualifiy anyone from the race due to safety reasons. The Race is against the clock, penalty seconds will be given by the judges when they need to interrupt for safety reasons or when the tasks during the run are not completed correctly.

Minimum required personal equipment:

- whitewater helmet

- proper footwear and clothing (water and outside temperature can be low)

- PFD with safety buckle / quick release

- river-knife

- whistle

- min. 4 locking carabiners

- min. 3m flip line (open sling) or 1.5m sewn sling

- min. 15m throwbag 

- 1 light weight pulley, 2 prussic slings



28-29th April, Saturday-Sunday
First Aid Training with the Steyermark Rafting Association

registration: roy033@gmail.com

Rescue Clinics at the rapid of Wildalpen



30th April, Monday
8.30-9.30 Registration paperwork
10.00 Compulsory Safety Briefing for everyone and introduction of exercises
11.00 Demonstration Run
11.30-13.00 Group 1 - Individual Rescue Race
13.00-14.00 Lunch break
14.00-17.00 Group 2 - Individual Rescue Race
20.00-24.00 Bonfire party at Camp Riversliders Palfau
1st of May, Tuesday
10.00 Compulsory Safety Briefing for everyone and introduction of exercises
11.00-13.00 Group 1 - Team Rescue Race
13.00-14.00 Lunch Break
14.00-16.00 Group 2 - Team Rescue Race
17.00 Prize Giving


Grocery Store and restaurants can be find within walking distance in Wildalpen. Saturday and Sunday 1 hot meal will be provided for competitors.


Accommodation possibilities, to be arranged individually:

- Camping at the location, Campingplatz Wildalpen -appx. 8Eur/pers/night // camping@wildalpen.at

- Hotel and/or apartment can be booked via tourismus@wildalpen.at


30th of April -
1st of May 2018





HU +36 705360901